Super Motorcycle 1:18 scale choppers

Main model motorcycle cabinet

Maisto 1:18 scale Triumph Thunderbird

Triumph Thunderbird

Hachette 1:18 scale Kawasaki Ninja H2

Maisto 1:18 scale Harley Davidson + Sidecar

Maisto Harley Sidecar 1-18

Super Motorcycle 1:18 scale Harley Davidson Choppers

Super Motorcycle

Muscle Machines 1:18 scale

Jesse James-West Coast Choppers

Muscle Machines

Saico 1:18 scale Swedish Style Choppers


Last Updated July-2020

My motorcycle collection consist of just over 550 models.

Vintage all metal Motorcycle

These vary from all metal vintage bikes to the latest diecast bikes, or from 1:87 (HO:OO) scale bikes no bigger than 2cm long up to 1:6 scale bikes measuring 28cm.

1-72nd Scale Bike

I used to collect all types of bikes, from the cheap, looks something like a bike, up to highly detailed diecast models, but as my collection has grown I have become more fussy and now collect mainly diecast scale models based on real bikes, although if something grabs my eye I will still buy it.

The most popular scale for bikes is 1:18, which gives you a model of about 13cm long and 7cm high. There are lots of makers of this size bike, including Maisto, New-Ray and Welly. Two other popular scales for motorcycles are 1:12 and 1:24, the latter being a favourite scale for IXO and mini Champs models.

Collecting bikes doesn’t need to be an expensive affair, if you’re at the right place at the right time, you can still pick up, for eg; Maisto 1:18 scale bikes for less than half price. Buying bikes from E-bay or car boot sales can result in finding some real bargains.

Special Priced box

Although at the other end of the scale, for top quality scale models,showing brake pipes and cables you can pay £100 or more.

My most expensive bike would be the Kawasaki Z1300A1, it is a 1:6 scale Tamiya kit which I sprayed in identical colours of my actual Z1300A1.

Kawasaki Z1300A1 Wire Bike

The bikes in my collection have been bought from car boot sales, jumble sales, various shows, off the Internet and shops.

Solido 1:18 scale Ducati Sport Classic

Paul Smart 1000LE


New-Ray Ducati 1:6 scale photographed in the back garden.

Ducati 998 1:6 Scale

Maisto 1:18 scale Yamaha YZF R7

Yamaha R7

Maisto 1:12 scale Aprilia RSV1000

Aprilla RSV1000

Maisto 1:12 scale Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

Maisto Suzukii 1-12

Starline 1:24 scale Moto Guzzi Normale

Starline Moto Guzzi 1-24

Maisto 1:18 scale Triumphs

Matchbox 1:15 scale Harley Sportster