1980's Diecast Motorcycles

Zylmex or Zee Toys made diecast motorcycles in the 1980's. The detail and quality wasn't brilliant, but they were very affordable toys of the time.
These 1:22/1:24 scale bikes were sold in the UK under the name of Ridge Riders.

Drag Pro bike Kawasaki GPZ1100
Zylmex Ridge Riders Drag Pro Bike Zylmex Ridge Riders Kawasaki GPZ1100


I think these are Japanese marketed Zylmex models from the 1970-80’s, in the UK they were sold as Zylmex Ridge Riders.
Not sure how these were ever priced at £25, I think I paid about £3-4 each.

Japanese version
Japan Collection Japan Collection


In the 1990's they made a few 1:18 scale motorcycles which were sold as Super Bikes

Zylmex super bikes range of 1:18 scale bikes
Zylmex Honda CBX1000 Zylmex Suzuki Katana